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Are they crazy or trying to actually throw us into a deep(er) recession/depression…

I read this article today on the Presidents “National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.”    The title reads: U.S. Debt Proposal would cut Social Security, Taxes and Medicare.

A presidential commission’s leaders proposed a $3.8 trillion deficit-cutting plan that would trim Social Security and Medicare, reduce income-tax rates and eliminate tax breaks including the mortgage-interest deduction.

The plan would overhaul the federal budget by throwing out hundreds of tax breaks for items such as capital gains and child care. It would raise the gas tax, slash defense spending and bring down health-care costs by clamping down on medical malpractice suits. The Social Security retirement age would be raised to 68 in about 2050 and 69 in about 2075.

The understatment of the day is by Erskine Bowles, co-chariman:

“This country’s out of money and we better start thinking”

Daahhh, that sounds like a good idea.  We all have our own beliefs, issues and hot buttons when it comes to government and politics so I’ll not start a debate on philosophies however I think anyone with half a bit of common sense could probably agree we need to cut the size of our government.  It has grown too large and too chaotic to effectively manage any real important issues of our time.  Everyone of us has to do more with less these days, the government should too.  Too many perks, too many back room dealings, no beneficial legislation.  It’s not about passing laws, heck in this irrational, politically correct era they could probably do more good by repealing old, out of date and wasteful laws and programs that have outlived their usefulness.  Now there is a useful house cleaning task.  Another thought: If our beloved government is so concerned about our health and welfare as mere civilians and they want to put us all on a even playing field (ahh, there’s a whole other debate there) they should make themselves subject to the same laws, the same Health Care programs and the same Retirement benefits.  Remember those, my dad used to talk about those but they are long gone for those of us in the civilian class.

This country was build by individuals.  Small businesses.  The government needs to stop trying to make everybody equal as not everyone is endowed equally.  Equal in the eyes of God and our Constitution but not in ability or gumption.  Unfortunately the truth, also known as reality sometimes hurts.  We don’t all have the same physical build, health, strength, skills, capacity for “knowledge”, and so on.  America is the land of opportunity.  I think the largest group of people that truly appreciate and believe that are those that legally immigrated to the USA with nothing but determination and ambition and made a life for themselves.  Our government was formed to protect us from tyranny (what an irony) and to create an environment for all to have the same opportunity as everyone else.  That is a good an noble cause but one that is lost in political correctness, cronyism, special interest lobbying and clever sound bites that may make the cut to a short news story.  Politicians need to stop building their own political fiefdoms and elitist class and do Americas business, not funny business.  How vain that politicians can claim they know what’s best for me better than I do.  How ridiculous and outrageous we have become.

America, I believe is the greatest country on the planet and one with the greatest opportunity for anyone with the will, passion and drive to achieve incredible dreams.  Not a bad thing.  Our government needs to get out of the way and let the market work things out.  We did have the largest economy which was a direct result of the freedom of opportunity.  Now China with the largest population in the world has eclipsed us, heck they own us with all the US government debt they own.  However China is a communist state and the growth has come from the government machine which owns most business’ or says who gets to start one (or not) as well as the banks so who do you think gets money when they need it.  God has truly blessed the USA.  I just hope we don’t live to witness our own self destruction.  I believe there is a quote from Abraham Lincoln that says something to the effect that no other nation will every be able to physically (by strength, militarily) take over the United States but that if we ever come to ruin it will be grown from within.  Hmmmm, there’s some food for thought.

God bless you all.


Larry Andershock


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