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How did we get here? Bad campaign finance! (Bribery)

Commentary on our current national malaise by Patrick @ Patrick.net

By Patrick Thu, 18 Aug 2011, 10:12am

What we have now is a system of legalized bribery. Wealthy special interests and their lobbyists donate to congressional campaigns with the knowledge that the congressmen who take the money will vote for whatever they are told to. And they will even let the lobbyists write the laws.

Congressmen really don’t have much of a choice because our campaign finance system. If the other candidate is getting that bribery money, he is forced to do whatever it takes to get that money too, or he will lose the election. Money buys elections in America, more often than not.

This is explained very clearly in a video I just watched, called “The Best Government Money Can Buy”.

See http://www.thebestgovernmentmoneycanbuy.com/

The solution is public campaign finance. Yes, taxpayers would pay for campaigns, so that even the little guy has a chance to get elected if his ideas are good. Here’s one proposal that I think would do that:


What do you all think of this proposal? Looks OK to me at first, but I’m afraid there is some scam hidden in it.

And then there is the problem that everyone in Congress got elected under the current system, so they are not too likely to change it.

Read the original post here at Patrick.net




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