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Along Mexican border, US ranchers say they live in fear

Here’s a simple question: Who would you believe the politicians or the farmers and ranchers who live there?

It is a pathetic shame that this not only does not get more attention but that it is not getting solved.  So the ATF gives the cartels high powered rifles to supposedly help them track them to the cartels and all we hear about is the Border Patrol agents who are out gunned and getting shot buy the drug smugglers.  And in the mean time the politicians in Washington D.C. which last I checked is pretty far from the US-Mexican border all say it’s not really all that bad, that’s just politically motivated negative talk.  How about it’s accurate reporting about a problem the politicians fail to acknowledge or deal with.

For you conspiracy theorists here’s something to think about (I can’t resist, maybe a screenplay in here?):  How about all the liberal politicians who want to continue to raise our taxes and give illegal immigrants benefits they are not entitled too and are bogging down and draining our financial, medical and educational infrastructure so they can gain illegal votes & financial support to stay in power because they have ulterior motives.  Maybe if an investigative reporter was to dig deep enough he might even find maybe some of these politicians are on the drug cartel payrolls.  Nice huh?  Doesn’t have to be a direct contribution, how about laundering it through other sources, even legit businesses & by giving jobs or at least money to their family members for their support…. I see a movie in the works.  Sadly the reality is probably scarier than the best Hollywood fiction.

While I’m not a fan of illegal immigrants, they key being the word illegal, I suspect even many hard working ones are afraid for their lives as well working on and near these border crossing points.  Not a good situation.  How can such a prosperous success story such as the United States have such a screwed up border with such a backward third world country like Mexico?  Why isn’t Mexico a prosperous and safe country?  This is an important issue the politicians should be working on.  Hey, here’s a crazy thought, could this be a possible part of the problem we’re having with illegal immigration?  Maybe if a rich drug cartel lord was to pay for a nice luxurious, expense paid trip for the US politicians to come visit their great South American countries they would go take a look.  Oh, wait am I back on my movie script?  Maybe they already have?  Who wouldn’t like a trip to Cancun or Rio?  How about we send our politicians to Mexicali, Juarez & Mexico City – I think an exchange program is in order…

Along Mexican border, US ranchers say they live in fear.

Read it and weep.  We need to change this serious and growing problem.



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